Please DO Share Our Links on Mastodon - Heres Why!

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I don’t have a ton to say here. This title came to me as soon as I saw the opposite topic posted on It’s FOSS News. When I saw that their complaint might have been about only 15,000 and 115 megabytes of traffic all coming in over the span of a few seconds, I figured I should post something. Maybe you will all share it on Mastodon to try to make my site break for a little while!

I have no real content to post today, so here is a picture of my adorable cat. Her name is little Miss Trudy Judy. She is quite friendly!

Little Miss Trudy Judy the cat

I can at least tell you why you should share our links on Mastodon. You should share them wherever you like. All our blogs are sitting behind Cloudflare, and I am pretty certain that I have just about as heavily cached as Cloudflare will let me.

It has been quite a few years since I dialed up all the caching settings, so I hope they are still working correctly. We might just find out together if you share this post on Mastodon!

For good measure, here is a Stable Diffusion image of a guy who must be working hard to keep my little virtual private server with its massive 512 megabytes of RAM online.

Stable Diffusion Power Guy

I hope you are having a good day. I have been trying to do a better job of posting on my Mastodon account. It would probably encourage me to post more if you happened to give me a follow!