autojump - The Lazy Way to Change Directories

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Update: I ended up switching from autojump to fasd, since fasd does everything autojump does and more. If you’re not already using autojump, then I would suggest skipping straight to fasd.

I’ve been using autojump for a little over a year now and I have no idea how I managed to survive without it. It is a simple idea that works amazingly well. Autojump keeps track of how often you cd into each directory so that it can give you easy access to the directories you use most often.

I keep projects I am currently editing in ~/wip/. I used to constantly type commands like cd ~/wip/personal-project or cd wip/boring-work-related-project. With autojump, I only have to type something short like j boring and I end up exactly where I expect to be.

Here is an excellent video showing off exactly how autojump works.

Autojump works equally well in bash and zsh.