A Quick Port of App::EditorTools to Emacs

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I saw an article about Stealing from Padre for Vim and I got a bit jealous that this functionality wasn't already available for Emacs. I guess I lucked out because it was very easy to make use of App::EditorTools in Emacs.

It probably took about a half hour to an hour to get this all up and running. The hardest part was actually tracking down the elisp functions that would return the current row and column of the beginning and end of a region. The terminology was just not easy to search for.

I did not include any default bindings in the package. I am still not entirely sure where their permanent home will be within my own config. For now I am using these:

(define-key cperl-mode-map (kbd "C-c e r") 'editortools-vim-renamevariable)
(define-key cperl-mode-map (kbd "C-c e t") 'editortools-vim-introducetemporaryvariable)

I don't think I want a binding for the renamepackage/renamepackagefrompath functions. I think I might set it up to call one of those automatically when I create a new file.

The elisp file can be found at:


A Darcs repository is also available at http://rcs.patshead.com.