Inexpensive Dry Erase Markers with Magnets on their Caps

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Dry erase markers with magnetic caps

I have a set of the bigger chisel-tipped Expo dry erase markers, but I’m not a big fan of large pointed markers. I’ve been using a random set of cheap skinny dry erase markers that I picked up at some sort of dollar store. I liked these cheap markers much better than the chisel tip markers, and the two black markers that came in the set lasted over six months.

Since the cheap black marker died I’ve been using the big chisel tips again. I finally remembered to actually look for replacement markers while I was shopping a few weeks ago. I ended up finding some very good markers at Wal-Mart.

The brand name on the package is “@ the OFFICE” and a six-pack of markers was about three dollars. They have very fine point tip but they don’t write as dark as most markers. They do have one feature that I am very excited about, though…

They have magnets in the caps!

I am constantly misplacing markers, so this seems like a very good idea. The magnets are very cheap and very weak. I ended up hiding a few strategically placed washers behind the trim of my white boards, the markers stick to those just fine.

I have a stack of tiny 4mm disc-shaped rare earth magnets sitting here. I taped one to a large Expo marker. The little rare earth magnet has no trouble holding the Expo marker up on one of the nails that holds my whiteboards to the wall. The cheap, flexible magnet on the Wal-Mart markers can’t even come close to sticking to those nails.