DIY PVC Pipe Laptop Stand

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With no laptop Side view with laptop Set up and cabled in its usual home

There really isn’t too much to say about this little project. We designed it and threw it together in about ten minutes, using leftover parts from my monitor stand and laptop rack builds.

Most of the construction is probably pretty obvious. The part we weren’t sure about was attaching the PVC J hooks to the piece of pipe at the top. We ended up cutting a notch in the pipe for each hook and we used the nails that came with the hooks to create sort of ad hoc hinges. It most certainly isn’t the best way to attach them but it was the best option we had on hand at the time, and it has worked surprisingly well.

The whole thing probably used just a few dollars’ worth of materials. It has been in service for a few months and it has been doing a good job of keeping the laptop monitor up in line with its second display. I should probably dye it black, but the white hooks match the white laptop quite nicely.