Cocktail Arcade Cabinet Build: Part 5 - Slots for the T-Molding

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Cutting the slots for the t-molding went quite well. We just had to make a few test cuts with our slot cutting bit in a scrap piece of board to get the slot centered and then we were able to cut the slots on all the legs and arches very quickly.

The slotting for the control panels was a little more complicated and I have been worry about it a bit for the last few weeks. The problem we have is that the t-molding covers 5/8” and we need the molding to cover the 5/8” particleboard in addition to the 0.080” thick piece of plexiglas.

First we moved the slot for the control panels up 0.080”. The t-molding covers the plexigas perfectly at this height. Unfortunately, that leaves us with a 0.080” thick piece of visible particleboard below the t-molding…

We lowered our slot cutter to the very bottom of the wood and shaved off 0.080 inches creating a very thin notch. This is the cut that I have been worried about for a while. Surprisingly, we got a nice clean cut and the remaining particleboard on both sides of the slot seems more than sturdy enough to do its job.

Stack of slotted boards Test t-molding is flush with the plexiglas Test t-molding next to small test piece of blackened plexiglas Diagram of the plexiglas, t-molding, and the two slot cuts we had to make