Craft Coffee - Rising Star Coffee

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I received a box from Craft Coffee about a month ago, and I already wrote about two of the coffees in that box. One of those three coffees was Ethiopian, so I decided to save that bag for last.

Craft Coffee - Rising Star Coffee

I don’t think I’ve ever met an Ethiopian coffee that I didn’t enjoy, and this bag of coffee from Rising Star Coffee is no exception. This Ethiopian Sidama might be every bit as delicious as the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe I had from modcup last year.

Rising Star Coffee, Cleveland, OH
Producer Korate
Origin Sidama, Ethiopia
Variety Various Varietals
Elevation 1,600-2,000 Meters
Process Washed
With notes of blueberry and sweet spices, this coffee has citrusy qualities and an awesome layer of chocolaty flavors.

This coffee from Rising Star Coffee is excellent. I had my double shots of espresso tuned in pretty quickly, and I have been making some lattes that rival the very best that I’ve ever made.

It has that fruity flavor that I’ve come to expect from Ethiopian coffees, and it is very smooth and delicious. If the shot pulls even just a little too fast, I am left with a bitter aftertaste. It has been better if I err on the slow side, though, because even the slowest shots that I’ve pulled have been delicious—not even the least bit sour.

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