I am Going To Roast Some Coffee Beans!

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I became interested in the idea of roasting my own coffee a long time ago. Green beans are inexpensive, and roasting seems like a fun and relatively painless process. I have to blame my friends at Craft Coffee for my waning interest in the idea.

Brian gave me a 6-month subscription to Craft Coffee in 2014. The coffee was amazing, and I quickly noticed that they had an awesome deal. Every subscriber has their own coupon code. The coupon gives the new customer 15% off their order, and if you use my code, I get a free bag of coffee. By the way, my code is pat1245!

A Craft Coffee Latte

I’m not rolling around in piles of cash made from Craft Coffee coupon use, but my readers are taking enough advantage of my 15% off coupon to keep me drinking free coffee. I haven’t had to buy any coffee since 2014!

Free coffee has deterred me from ever putting much thought into venturing out into roasting, but a couple of happy accidents have inspired me to give roasting a try!

Air popper at Sweet Maria’s

I had some serious health issues over the summer. Since then, one of the snacks I eat more than anything else is popcorn. I put some awesome hulless popcorn kernels from Amazon into my ancient air popper, and I cover them with delicious Kerrygold Irish grass-fed butter.

My air popper has a problem. It blasts the air straight up. This is fine when you fill the popper to capacity, but I only fill it about half-way. I’d like to fill it just a bit less, but when you put less popcorn in, more kernels get ejected before the popping begins—even when I tilt the machine back to help prevent this!

I roasted some beants, but I haven't tried them yet!

When I was a kid, we had an air popper that blew the air in a spiral. Kernels didn’t shoot straight up. Instead, they would spin around in a cyclone until they popped. I need one of these air poppers, but where do I get one?

That’s as far as I got. I didn’t even remember to shop around for such a thing. A few weeks after thinking about my old popper, I accidentally stumbled on the air popper on sweetmarias.com. They’re only $20 plus shipping, and it works exactly like my old air popper!

Sweet Maria’s popper comes with $20.50 worth of free beans?!

I’m impatient, so I looked for a similar popper on Amazon. They were $28 with Prime shipping. I said to myself, “Huh. I wonder what Sweet Maria’s charges for shipping?”

That’s when I noticed the best part of the deal: the popper at Sweet Maria’s comes with a free 4-pound sampler pack of green coffee beans! Even better, Sweet Maria’s price with shipping is almost exactly the same as what I’d pay at Amazon.

How could I pass up this deal?


My order is still a few days away from being delivered, but I’m too excited, so I just had to write something about it. I’ve been wanting to try roasting my own beans for years, and I’m finally getting the opportunity!

How easy do you think roasting will be? Do you think I’m going to mess it up? Will I enjoy it more than the beans from Craft Coffee? If I include my labor, do you think it will be a better value than Craft Coffee? I have my doubts, but I’m excited about finding out! Let me know what you think in the comments, or stop by the [Butter, What?! Discord server][bw] to chat with me about it!