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Craft Coffee has really done it this month. They’ve sent me another bag of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, and it is just fantastic! It is definitely one of my favorite coffees so far—probably in the top three.

Craft Coffee introduced me to Yirgacheffe in my first box of coffee with an absolutely amazing Yirgacheffe from Slate Coffee Roasters. They have sent me more Yirgacheffe beans from other roasters since then, and I have been seeking them out locally.

I’ve settled in on a pretty nice Yirgacheffe from Java Pura that I can buy locally, but it isn’t in quite the same league as the beans that Craft Coffee sends me. The coffee from Java Pura doesn’t taste nearly as fruity, and it is definitely less smooth.

modcup coffee co., Jersey City, New Jersey
Producer Konga Washing Station
Origin Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Variety Heirloom
Elevation 1,900-2,100 Meters
Process Pulped Natural
An intriguing mix of bright kiwi and blueberry aromatics culminate in a rich finish of peanut butter and cashew.

I have had the coffee from modcup in my possession for just over a week now, and it is almost gone. I usually try to pace myself. I usually manage to make 12 ounces of coffee last at least two weeks. This won’t make it that far. This coffee is much too delicious.

The notes on the bag seem pretty accurate to me. You can smell the delicious fruit flavors as soon as you open the bag, and it that peanut butter finish reminds me of the coffee from Irving Farms back in June.

I am certain that I have made some of my best tasting lattes ever this month. As usual, Craft Coffee has delivered another winner.

The new packaging

The packaging for Craft Coffee’s 12-oz coffees used to be pretty basic. It came in presealed bags, and they weren’t resealable. They just had the usual wire ties to keep the top of the bag rolled up. You can see what I mean in the picture of last month’s coffee.

The new packaging is fantastic. It is almost like a larger version of the sampler packs. They are resealable, have a base that lets them stand up on their own, and they can be cleanly opened without a pair of scissors. I am most pleased with this upgrade!

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