Craft Coffee - August 2014 - Mountain Air Roasting

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Things are different this month. My Rancilio Silvia is much more difficult to tune in, and I ended up wasting the first ounce or two in each bag of coffee last month. Between that and the random mishaps, I didn’t get to drink very much of the Craft Coffee last month.

I changed my Craft Coffee subscription so that they’d send me a single 12-oz bag instead of a selection of three 4-oz pouches. I think this worked out pretty well, and I’m getting better at using my new Rancilio Silvia. I only choked up the machine on the first shot, and then I had something very drinkable on my second attempt.

I’m still not very consistent, though, but I’m getting lots of practice!

Mountain Air Roasting, Asheville, NC
Producer Hector Jose Franco Lopez, La Mina
Origin NariƱo, Columbia
Variety Caturra, Castillo
Elevation 1,950 Meters
Process Washed
A brazenly bright and juicy lemon-lime acidity, a rich buttery texture, and flavor dynamics ranging from tropical fruit and maple to hidden savory complexities of edamame and plantain harmoniously delight the palate–all while maintaining a juicy sweetness and balance.

The coffee from Mountain Air is delicious. In fact, I made at least two different lattes using these beans that made me say, “this is the best latte I’ve ever made.” That isn’t just because of the beans, though. I’m also getting better at using my Rancilio Silvia. This is definitely some most excellent coffee, but I can’t make a very direct comparison to any of the past offerings.

The notes from Craft Coffee weren’t very helpful for me this month. I have no idea what edamame tastes like, and I have had very little exposure to plaintains. There may be a bit of fruitiness in there, but I’m definitely picking up the maple—it is probably why I keep thinking of breakfast.

I’m drinking my final Mountain Air latte right now. It is not the best latte I’ve made this month, but it is still pretty good.

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